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For businesses seeking the best professional attire, Total Business Wear is the foremost destination for exceptional corporate workwear in Woollahra. With over three decades of expertise in the industry, we are adept at meeting the diverse clothing needs of your company, offering a spectrum of products from corporate uniforms and corporate t-shirts to specialised hospitality and healthcare uniforms. Our commitment to quality and service has cemented our reputation as a leading provider of corporate apparel in the region.

Tailoring Corporate Image in Woollahra

In the bustling commercial landscape of Woollahra, cultivating a distinctive corporate image is indispensable. We recognise the importance of first impressions and the influence of attire on professional reputation. That’s why our range is meticulously curated to resonate with the elegance and sophistication you want. Our corporate uniforms are not only a reflection of your brand’s ethos but also a testament to the high standards expected in corporate dress. 

Total Business Wear provides your staff with a look that projects confidence and competence. Our inventory boasts an assortment of corporate wear staples, such as tailored suits, sleek shirts, and blouses, all customisable to represent your brand accurately. We extend our expertise to recommend fabrics and fittings that will endure the demands of daily professional life while ensuring comfort and style.






Total Business Wear

Brand Recognition

Promotional business wear can feature your logo, helping to increase brand recognition and awareness.

Customization Options

A variety of customization options is available, allowing you to create unique and personalized business wear that fits your specific needs.

Quality Materials

High-quality materials ensure that the clothing lasts a long time and looks professional.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing making it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.

Quick Turnaround

Fast turnaround times, ensuring that you receive your branded business wear quickly.

Australian Team

Total Business Wear is your local provider of quality total business wear.

Diverse Range for Diverse Needs 

Total Business Wear’s offerings are not confined to the typical corporate ensemble. Acknowledging the varied needs across industries, we proffer a dynamic selection of corporate t-shirts and workwear to the hospitality and healthcare sectors. 

Our hospitality uniforms in Woollahra blend functionality with flair to equip your culinary and service teams with attire that withstands the rigours of the industry while reinforcing your brand’s visual identity. 

Consisting of splashproof clothing and aprons, our healthcare uniform collection in Woollahra is characterised by resilience, comfort, and ease of maintenance, crucial traits for healthcare professionals’ day-to-day duties. 

Why Choose Total Business Wear for Corporate Workwear in Woollahra?

When it comes to selecting the ideal partner for corporate workwear in Woollahra, Total Business Wear distinguishes itself with a multitude of compelling reasons: 

  • Extensive Selection: Our inventory is a compendium of top-selling items, each selected for its popularity and quality.
  • Personalisation Expertise: We excel in customising apparel with your company logo and branding, transforming each piece into a wearable advertisement for your business.
  • Local Insights: Total Business captures the unique pulse of Woollahra’s professional aesthetic, offering styles that align with local preferences and requirements.

How to Select the Perfect Corporate Workwear for Your Team 

Choosing the right corporate workwear for your business is critical to projecting the right image and upholding comfort. Start by assessing the nature of your business and the message you want to convey through your attire. Consider the durability and practicality of the fabrics, ensuring they are suited to the work environment.

Personalisation options such as embroidery and screen printing allow you to showcase your brand prominently, reinforcing your corporate identity with every interaction. 

For assistance with selecting and customising your corporate workwear, reach out to the experts at Total Business Wear. We are just a phone call away at 02 9071 0353, ready to help you make an impact with premium corporate attire that embodies your brand’s essence. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Workwear in Woollahra

At Total Business Wear, we offer a varied selection of corporate workwear in Woollahra, including corporate uniforms, corporate t-shirts, hospitality uniforms, and healthcare uniforms. Our inventory includes items like tailored suits, sleek shirts, blouses, scrubs, and lab coats, ensuring that businesses across different sectors can find the appropriate attire for their needs.

Absolutely! We specialise in personalising corporate workwear Woollahra with your company logo and branding. This customisation enhances your brand identity and ensures that your team represents your business professionally while maintaining a cohesive look.

We prioritise sourcing materials of superior quality to ensure durability, comfort, and style in our corporate workwear. Our rigorous selection process and our commitment to quality service help us maintain high standards that reflect the professionalism you’re looking for.

Yes, we offer specialised workwear tailored to various industries in Woollahra. Our hospitality uniforms blend functionality with style for culinary and service teams, while our healthcare uniforms, including scrubs and lab coats, provide comfort and resilience essential for healthcare professionals’ daily tasks.

Our team of experts is available to assist you in selecting the right corporate workwear. We advise on the best fabrics and fittings suited to your work environment and offer customisation options like embroidery and screen printing. Contact us at 02 9071 0353 for personalised guidance and advice.

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